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    Re: What tank would you choose?

    hi, one of the factors i would think would help decide is to figure out what type of fish if any you would like to keep. The big open water swimmers like most of the tangs would definitly prefer
    a 6ft long tank over a 4 footer. Also with a 6 ft long tank, you have more room to place corals and move them around if you need to when they grow out.

    my 2 cents

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    Re: What tank would you choose?

    I like the 48x36x24

    The width of 36 gives you a lot of room to make a nice backward sloping rock wall, and leave lots of sand floor int he front to display clams, corals etc.  The extra width is a real bonus for rock work, and having a large water column for the fish to swim and display in....Just my opinion.
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    Re: What tank would you choose?

     I think the the 120 short is the best compromise between size and economy. It is a 48X24X24 inch tank and can be covered by one 400 watt halide and a bank of VHO lights. Once you go past 4 feet, you are comitting to 2 or more halides with yearly $100+ bulb changes. I also like to be able to reach anywhere in my tank without getting into it. The 30" tall tanks are reaL hard on your wingspan.
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    Re: What tank would you choose?

    6X2X2 gets my vote. The six foot length allows for greater viewing area, and provides the fish with a little more room to swim. I think the 36" wide would be hard to service unless you have access from the front and back
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