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    400W Halide Retro

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Message to Cool Touch Lighting:

    Please see link below from your website, I can get a 400W Ice Cap electronic Ballast, in the heat sink box (not that it's needed) plus the mogul socket, all wired & ready to plug in, all I would need is a reflector for $235 Canadian?., I see $135 for the standard ballast then $100 more for the Ice Cap Electronic.

    I presume this is the new Ice Cap Electronic Ballast that will fire just about any Bulb?

    Any info you can provide will be most helpful.

    Thank You

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    From the top of their home page:

    All prices within this website are in USD. For our Canadian customers,
    please call us directly at 1-866-COOLTCH or locally at 416-213-0355
    for any price quotations and we will be happy to assist you.
    So that's about $300 + shipping + taxes.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I guess I got so excited I missed the U.S. part.

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    send Ijo a pm. he has very good prices on the ICECAP BALLASTS and PFO REFLECTORS.

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    yes IJO does..

    and icecaps are on sale right now..

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