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    skimmer function

    I notice that my skimmer level froth goes almost to nothing when I end up putting my hand in the tank ..I just wondering just for curiousity is why this happens

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    possibly oils from your skin breaking the surface tension of the bubbles. just like if you add food to the tank the skimmer usually stops.

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    It means you're dirty!! Wash your hands at least once a week!!!

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    Dont' use soap, but give your hands a good scrubbing first.
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    I'll apologise to any actual chemists out there, I'm trying to remember 1st year... anyway:

    Protien skimmers work because the ogranic componds you want to remove are hydrophobic.

    When you put your hand into the water, in addition to adding the oils etc you're adding or removing a charge.

    Depending on the size of your tank and possibly what kind of socks you dragged across the floor, you can temporarily shut down your protein skimmer yet your hands were sterile enough to perform surgery.

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    Well!!! I did not know that!!!!! You see..., you learn something everyday!!
    Oh and since the organic compounds are "hydrophobic" does that mean they're "scared" of the water?!!!!! :

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