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    Question Address for Aquaria canada????

    Im looking for the address to aquaria canada's store in ottawa?

    please respond???

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    Its kinda in house type of deal. If you call IJO(Ivan) he might set a time up that you can visit, thats what most of us locals do. Hes got this weird rule, if you go after 10pm he'll meet you at the door with what you want, dont know what thats all about.

    If you click on Contact then Email his phone and addy are there.

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    Heh, you can even get stuff from Ivan at 10pm at night ??? Wow what service!!! Well its better getting it straight at the door than not at all...when you consider at 10pm most if not all LFS are closed for business..

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    Just to the door service after 22:00... I would hazard a guess he has a family/kids! Hell hath no fury like the mother of a child woken up!

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    Oh so very true.

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    By the way, you don't want to see what he wears after 10:00 p.m. at the door!!!!!! :blush:

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    well i just drove to ottawa in hopes of buying some mushrooms at Ivans. I could not find his place? could not reach him by phone either???:banghead:

    I ended up going to Big Al's

    Got a nice rock with some green mushrooms.

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    I know Ivan was away this weekend, because I wanted to pick up some stuff as well. Always PM him or call him before coming, especially from Kinston. He is not always home.
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    yah i know it was on short notice! maybe bext time in ottawa i'll get to buy some stuff from him
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