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Thread: My first coral

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    My first coral

    Just brought my first coral home today. I purchased a real nice rock with about 20 green mushrooms on it.

    If these do well. I plan on trying to frag them. what are your thoughts about that guys? I will need to set up a small tank. what are the basic req. for fraging???


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    Hi. The easiest way for me is to place a small piece of rock next to the main colony and the mushrooms tend to spread out to the new rock.

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    Chris2586 is correct and this method will work. It is safe, but the downside is that it is very slow.

    Check out this thread for other methods.

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    Also putting them in a blender and pulsing for 2 secs works well too...

    These things are remarkably easy to frag, for best results, slice em like a pizza pie and put 'em in a dish with rubble in the bottom. Put bridal veil over the top and in a week or so they will attach to the rubble. Voila! New shrroms.
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