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    Question seaclone 100 skimmer?

    I have a 35 gal tank with live rock. just starting to add some mushrooms and other soft corals. I have a small yellow tank, a small pink skunk clown, and a bleeny.

    My question is: My phoshate levels hit 1.0mg/l due to lack of water changes. I had a large hair algea bloom. that i have slowly beaten. my skimmer runs constantly...

    now my PO4 levels are around .25mg/l
    i did get some help with water changes and phosguard.

    My skimmer was showing lots of dark green gunk in the cup as it should.

    Now that my algea is almost gone. and the PO4 level is down(.25) the skimmer cup seems to just be clear liquid? it is not filled in a few days. but there is some clear liquid in the cup?

    what are you thoughts people? should i keep the skimmer running? does anyone else have one of these brand name skimmers?

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    I have the same skimmer. Mine usually pulls out alot of foamy crap. I have it running all the time. Whats the harm.
    Mike Philpott

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    It could just mean that there isnt much crap in the water at the moment. Like mike said, I would always just let it run, it helps oxygenate the water...
    Worst case, your skimmer needs adjustment of sort to start working better again.

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