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    Unhappy Cleaner Shrimp tore the claw off pistol shrimp.

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone ever seen a cleaner shrimp attack? Mine attacked my pistol shrimp right in front of my eyes (Couldn't believe it!). I introduced the pistol shrimp about a month ago. He formed a symbiotic bond with the watchman goby, dug some caves and all was fine. Tonight I seen him out in the open and swiming around, then BAM the cleaner shrimp swooped in, tore off a claw and is devouring it as I type!. I fear the pistol shrimp wont make it until morning.

    Question - Will the claw grow back? I think so? Anyone else seen this type of behaviour in a (Passive, gentle) cleaner shrimp? Can they be teritorial?

    Thanks all.


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    If your referring to a true cleaner shrimp I have never seen that sort of behavior. the pistol should live even if the claw dose not come back with the next molt.

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    Well, cleaner shrimps "can" be territorial if they have already been established. For example, if you have some already in the tank and add some newer ones that are smaller, the original ones "will" chase and possibly try to attack the newcomers. If the newcomers make it past 1st base about this, then they can either form a group or pair off. They will often also form pairs/groups in different areas of the tank. They won't always "all" hangout together, but will form little groups in one way or another.
    So to answer your question, yes it is indeed possible that the cleaner would attack another shrimp such as the pistol.
    I guess he got the shortend of the stick on the partnership, huh?!!: So much for the "watchman" goby doing his job!!!

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    I would have put my money on the pistol vs the cleaner. I have two cleaners and 1 good sized pistol. The pistol is always tormenting the cleaners and I am sure would love to have a taste of em...

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    I seen first hand Xerces pistol shrimp tormenting the cleaner shrimp.And he is a nasty bugger.But maybe your pistol shrimp meshow aint no Arnold Shwartzenegger.Maybe he's a Steve Urkle.....hehe Sorry I had to say it. bubbles....

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    I know - I think I got the wuss of the litter! I too would have thought that the pistol shrimp would have taken the cleaner shrimp. I'm glad I seen it happens as I would have suspected an unknown preditor in the tank. One has to wonder about the the watchman eh!

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