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    Butterflys in the Reef Aquarium

    While admiring the photos posted at the top of the home page I noticed one in Chazzes tank, an Auriga if I'm not mistaken.

    Is he not nipping at your corals Chazzes? I've had butterflys in the past and everytime those little buggers picked at my corals.

    Anyone else keeping butterflys other than Copperbands and Heniochus in their reef displays?

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    Had him in for about a week to rid the tank of a outburst of Aptasias 5 mins and he was right at them Only took a few days. Then he started on some moon polyps Took most of the evening to get him back out and into a FOWLR Them back to the LFS for full credit. Wish he was reef safe was a very nice looking fish.

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    i ad a long nose butterfly
    good looking fish dint touch any coral and he was eating frozen brine shrimp

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