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    2 of my pepermints gone with no trace in 4 days

    I have 2 cleaner shrimps that are pretty big and i had 3 pepermints 2 small and 1 medium. In the span of 4 days i noticed that 2 were gone with no return. I am unsure if my bta or magnifica killed them or if it was the cleaners. The cleaners hang out around the bta most of the time except at night when they go hunting all over the tank. 3 weeks ago i busted my medium pepermint taking a chunk out of my bta. I have also noticed the cleaners being territorial and chasing the pepermints away from their hang out zone. At night the bta becomes really tiny so i dont think it killed them but i have noticed in the past days that it was becoming tiny even when the lights were on. So, could the cleaners kill 2 pepermints? For the magnifica, well this one is placed at the opposite side of my tank on the top glass but it could be somewhat possible.

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    maybe they molted? they tend to stay very hidden when they molt.

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    I would be able to sorta see them. and both at once. Also, i would proably see the skin laying around somewhere.
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