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    dying leather update

    i did it, i cut it at the stalk and it slimed up for hours, looked like it was dying even more so. it now seems to be pokin its heads out. i did not use an elastic. i just plopped it ontop of some live rock. will it attach itself or should i fasten it. the current is mild and wont blow it away. heres a pic taken today

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    thanks again Carol for the courage!!!!!

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    I looks good! If you don't think it will be blown away or a fish will knock it down then you may not need to use an elastic. I, however, have no experience in this field and am strickly "thinking out loud".

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    As you said, if it stays on it's own, then no need to physically atach it, a healthy leather attaches rather fast all by itself.
    It looks to be doing great!!

    And lastly, yes it's normal for it to slime up some and retract when you cut it.
    Imagine if you cut your leg off and all you did was slime up a bit and curl up for awhile, wouldn't THAT be great!!

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