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    Musical fish tanks & fish personalities

    The last few days have been pretty interesting.

    A couple months ago I had a nasty outbreak of amyloodinium (marine velvet) in my 300g tank so I set up the 75g as a hospital tank and moved the fish from the 300g to the 75g. There had only been one fish in the 75, a marine beta. I moved him to the 20g quarantine tank. There was previously only one fish in the 20g tank, a juvenile volitans lionfish. I also have a 120g reef but that wasn't affected by all this.

    So anyway, the 8 week fishless period was finally over in the 300g (you have to wait that long to be sure all the parasites have died off in the main tank) and it was time to move fish around. First I moved the marine beta to the 300g. I had intended him to be a tankmate for the lionfish but they weren't doing so well in the small tank so I decided against it. I let the beta have the whole tank to himself for 24 hours. Then yesterday I moved the rest of the fish in.

    I can't get over the change in the beta. He has been out swimming with the other fish almost all day. These are normally very shy almost nocturnal fish and they don't associate with others. I don't know if it's because he was the first on there or what but he's a totally different fish all of a sudden. The tank is practically infested with pods after going fishless for so long (I fed it twice a day anyway) so all the fish are having a ball hunting and swimming.

    Then today I fixed up the 75g for the lionfish (sand and rocks, it was bare before as a hospital tank) and moved Leo over. He has always been a super friendly little wet puppy dog who never forgot to great me when I came by the tank and was a professional food begger. Not now. He is really mad at me for moving him and refusing to even look at me. He even refused his supper! Well the first couple times, he did eat it eventually. I hope he gets his nice friendly personality back.

    It's amazing how different the same fish can be in a different environment!

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    I hear you Susan. Moving fish around is a stressful pain in the backside. Now that my yellow tang is alone in the 225 with the hippo he has become somewhat aggressive toward the shyer hippo. This was never the case in 100 which was a much smaller tank. The flame hawk is unaffected by his month in the holding tank.

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    and who says fish don,t make great pets

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    I wouldn't worry to much as he is upset, once he figures out your the one who feeds him he will turn around.
    Oh and that he has a bigger home now. I'm sure he will thank you once he settles in.

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    He is a bit better today. He's exploring more and isn't giving me dirty looks when I come to see him. Stop laughing! Fish can so give dirty looks. Chloe, my copperband, even has a happy smiley look!

    I really need to get out more

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