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    Where to buy egg crate?

    I believe that's how it is called? Those kind of plastic, grid-like things where you can put on top of your tank as cover, but allows very good oxygen exchange?

    Where do you buy one? I looked into Home Depot and walked around the store for an hour and couldn't find similar things that would work. I looked into the lighting section particularly hard and hoped that I could find something resembling a grid cover for the shop flourescent lights, with no luck.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Where to buy egg crate?

    Home Depot has then along with Reno Depot (hull).  I'm sure the people who work there know where it would be located. (in hull their at the back where they do wood cuts).  Hope this helps.


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    Re: Where to buy egg crate?

    Home depot usually has them in the ceiling section, not the lighting section were you'd expect. They come in white and chrome style

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    Re: Where to buy egg crate?

    FWI: I've seen black egg crate (just an expensive black version of the white stuff) in either the Rono Watehouse in Gatineau or the Reno Depot in Hull (I don't remember which).

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