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    grounding probes

    How important is this? Do most of you use them?

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    good question Mike, no idea either if anybody has some. I dont but heard mixed reviews on them.. like adding electricity in your tank.. specially when running vacuum etc.

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    I am asking this because i noticed that my euroreef skimmer only skimms(producing foam) when the lights are off for some reason. I was told that my lights might have a stray current making an ionic imbalance or that i am pulling too much current from my circuit and i should try putting my skimmer on another circuit.
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    how do they work ???? One end go in the water and the other end grounded to the house or stuckin the ground??? I have no clue I have a grounding spike at for my welding machine. Now it's like four feet long. I think that would be a little over kill!!! :smile4:
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    odds are that you aren't pulling too much current from your circuit, if you did that and your house is properly wired you'd flip a breaker / fry a fuse.

    as for your lights causing something, that's not too fishy. Good ballasts will be properly grounded and as long as you haven't got wires leaking out of your hood you should be okay

    I'd say more than anything that the heat in your tank hitting the water surface would cause the foam more than a current doing anything.

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    you would be surprised at some of the readings you can get ....put one lead in the water and the other on a grd. item ...I had a power head giving me a fault at one time ...always good to do every season just like replacing a battery in a smoke detector

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