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    Senior Member princpl skimmer's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    xenia lost its pulse

    is there a reason my xenia stopped pulsing??

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    Feb 2004
    I just got some and thay started pumping as soon as I put them in. I read they don't like it when the PH is all over the place. Do you do regular water changes. What are your water paramaters. Has anything been changed recently.

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    Have you recently changed the lighting? Mine closed up for about a week when I replaced the bulbs. It adjusted, and now is thriving.

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    Nov 2004
    I too have a Xenia that no longer pulses. It's still good and healthy! Grows like a weed, but no pulse!

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    Xenia is quirky like that and no one yet knows why. Some of them pulse non stop. As an example, I used to have a Xenia that I fragged often and even when transporting it in a baggie, it still pumped away. Other people have Xenia that have never pulsed. Some people have even gotten a frag from a colony that would pump all the time, then in their tank it suddenly would stop pulsing. Yet other people got some that never pulsed and once in their tank, it started to pulse!!

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    Would a little ground Viagra help?
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    Maybe if you got some lying around!!
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    so, do you have some viagra laying around?

    mine dont stop pulsing. i did have issues with a faulty test kit (that was under reading my Ca so when i thought it was only 390 it was actually 630, as you can imagine, this led to alkalinity issues) which led me to have pH swings between 7.9 low and 8.4 high (that is a large a swing as i think is possible in a normal tank) and my xenia dont seem to care. i think its more of their own mood swings like greg mentioned, but i wouldnt be surprised if water quality had an impact on it.
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    Skimmer.. my stopped pulsing when i changed lighting or massive water change but in a few days they all pulse.. is something bothering it it?

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    Jan 2005
    hey guys, sorry was away from the puter for a while. frikkin winterlude!!! they pulsed when i brought them home from fishermans house a few months back.. i do regular water changes but always try to match the sg and temp to the exact perams in my tank. nothin out of the norm.. its weird. my hard to keep turbania and carpet and certain polyps are fine but its my easy corals that are taken a beating. first my toadstoll now them.. ill take a pic right now. brb

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