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Thread: I wanna fish?

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    I wanna fish?

    I am looking for a last addition to my tank and I fell in love with a sailfin tang I found at lfs. I have a 90g with about 25g in sump. I have a Euroreef CS6-3 skimmer and about 110lbs LR. I currently have:
    1 - foxface 4-5"
    1 - little Regal Tang 2"
    1 - Marron clown
    1 - Flame angel
    2 - Bengai Cardinals
    So am I dreaming or is this a reasonable thing to attempt? It is a beautiful fish. If not any other interesting fish I could add as a final showpiece? Nothing has caught my eye and I can't seem to come up with anything interesting. Suggestions?


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    I also have a 90 w/ about 30 in sump. I would buy it. you only have 6 fish. do you have lots of rock set up to have their own "home"? i dont think its a bio-load issue. i also have 6 fish and 2 in my sump that johnnys takin tomorrow. and i still plan on getting a cbb and a powder blue. just will maintain my tank more closely. im sure someone else will chime in.

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    They are nice fish, the sailfin but grow large from the reading I've done. Maybe it takes years to get big but then what. Heres a LINK about them, notice the 1 foot 3 inch size.

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    i'd say no way, the regal,foxface and maroon fish all get BIG!!! so to add another fish like the sail fin which gets very big as well is just asking for trouble. bioload alone will be to much not to mention that the maroon devil will get very aggressive as it grows.

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    I agree with Johnny here.
    You're maxed out on fish. They will get big. When they get big they will get territorial or stressed if there isn't enough room.
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    :boxing: Waiting to happen!!!

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