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    LFS in Montreal?


    Can you montrealers let me know of any good LFS stores (preferably on the West Island) I can check out while I'm in town for the weekend? Between family, friends, and other committments I'm hoping to slip away for a little just to look. Got my 55G filled (about 1 week), 75F degrees, 1.024 salt and my carib sea stuff, powerheads running, finished reading a couple of books, and prepped the wife that it will look/smell ugly before it gets better...So I'm just about ready to take the plunge. :
    The only thing I'm worried about is I used tap water (with dechlorinator). Hope I don't get run over by algae. I'm doing my tests tonight.

    This is my first tank (FOWLR)...excited, but worried about all the bad stuff I keep reading about. I will definitely be bombarding this board when all hell breaks prepared!


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    There's quite a few.

    -We have the Nature petcenter on St-Johns which isn't bad.

    -We have the BigAl's that just opened up on Sources (Where the Rob McIntosh is). They have an incredible assortment of fish, including a 1000gal shark tank.

    -we have the AquaTropicale store on Decarie

    - and for coral, there's Le Corail on the southshore (a little far, but worth the drive)

    - There's also Octopus downtown which isn't too bad either.
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