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    I got a new fishy!

    As some of you know I had a nasty battle with marine velvet in my 300g tank. It's all over now, I let the tank go fishless for a full 8 weeks, and am now restocking.

    Last night Ivan sent me the sweetest baby emperor angel! The shipment went great, the water was still warm and the lettle fella was swimming around bravely in the bag. He's in the quarantine tank for the next couple weeks but I'm sure he'll be just fine. He ate some mysis for breakfast today. I'll post some pics in a few days when he's a little more comfortable with me.

    Thanks Ivan!

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    Congrats Susan,I hope the fish enjoys his new big home.Is the angel the only fish so far?(in the 300g? bubbles....

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    thats great susan..emperor are REALLY nice!!!!I cant wait to get another one

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    I can't wait to see pics of that little fela.

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    He's in the quarantine tank for now. My QT is more like a mini reef though, it's been running for years and has a sandbed, liverock, a cup coral that only does well in this tank, lots of worms, pods, a few snails. Oh, and a big ugly ceramic skull that every fish takes as their hiding place while they are there.

    He'll be going to the 300g in a couple weeks if all goes well. If he needs meds I'll just set up a quickie hospital tank and treat him there. The shipping went great, he wasn't stressed at all. He ate quite a bit of mysis for the afternoon meal and tried some scallop. I can't get over how perfect he is! He's still a bit shy when I'm close to the tank but he's getting better. I'm really looking forward to watching him grow up and change to his adult colouring.

    There are 6 fish in the 300g now - 5 that survived the marine velvet and were treated with copper in a hospital tank: copperband butterfly, longnose butterfly, cleaner wrasse, lubboki fairy wrasse and cherub angel. And one marine beta (VERY cool fish).

    If I had quarantined the fish before stocking the big tank I wouldn't have had any losses but I had a baby lionfish in the quarantine tank at the time teaching him to eat. That took a LOT longer than I expected so I went ahead and stocked the 300g without quarantining. That's a mistake I won't make again! I bought the lionfish his own tank. So now I have the 300g butterfly tank, the 120g reef tank, the 75g predator tank and the 20g quarantine tank. I think I'm all tanked out

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    I told ya he was nice!!! I was really eyeing him but Ivan said no way, he's FLAMES. I want to set up an additional tank as wel. I'd like to setup a refugium/algea tank with a few angels. we'll see.

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