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    Acro frag darkening

    I have a really nice frag that seems to be quickly darkening from top to bottom. The tank has been stable for quite a time and this seem to be the only coral in decline. I have a nice 250w MH setup (formerly owned by Flame*Angel). I'm due for a bulb change. There is a large aipstasia behind the acro that could be stinging the coral. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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    were was the frag located before? what lights was it under? maybe the clarity of the water before was extra clear? many reasons. even water condition plays a key role in coral color as well as age of lamp and K rating. who knows?

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    Can you post a pic of it? Even better would be a before/after comparison pic if possible.
    I'll also add perhaps it was bleached before and now gaining it's proper color... A good rule to remember is every tank is different and corals can/will change most likely.
    Perhaps as you state, since your lamps are old, it's producing more zoox to compensate for lower lighting. many thins can be poeeible here.

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    Is the coral sliming? If so then it could be something stinging it or bugging it.

    I definatly agree with Tout, it could be many factors making this happen, the change of tank and all other parameters changing in that corals life, some people on RC have talked about nutrient concentration affecting acroporas color, that and distance to lights.

    Just to reasure you, the darkening is not nessesarily a bad thing.

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    Thanks. This coral is sloughing, it's just gone from bright green to dull green. I have two other acros and two 'paraclavarina triangularis' (really bright green) that are holding their colour. My daughter took some new pictures of the tank; maybe I'll post a couple.

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