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    skimmer/powerhead placement???

    I just built my first sump/ref. I have a seaclone 100 that is going to be placed in the first stage of the sump. My sump is tight. so the only way i can place the simmer inside the sump is to run the powerhead upside down. Does anyone see a problem with this? I tested it using fresh (no salt) water. I cant seem to get any bubbles. Even with the powerhead pointed in all directions. Im thinking that maybe because the water is less dense that its doing this?

    Please respond? I might have a sump for sale otherwise. lol

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    I presume you have the airline attached to the input of the powerhead (this is the standard SeaClone setup).

    If the airline is attached and the valve is wide open with no bubbles being formed, your power head may be too deep to draw the air down to it.

    You can try adding an air pump (of course if you do, you might as well do the airstone mod) or lifting the setup to see if bubble will form when the pump is closer to the surface.
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    yes the good old issues of no bubbles with the maxi jet. I to had this issue and could not for the life of me figures it out? I used one before on the same skimmer and had no probs. but it was right in the tank with the tube near the top. what I had to do with the second seclone setup was stick the tube in the strainer part of the maxi and it worked like a charm.

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    I think the main reason you have no bubbles or no small bubbles is it's in fresh water....I done this also with my skimmer and with fresh water you should get big need salt water for the micro bubbles.
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    don't think there is any bubbles. I had the same problem with a SEACLONE and MAXI. still to this day I couldn't figure it out. It worked fine for me before. I try'd every possible location. ended up just putting the tube in the back/strainer and it worked fine.

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    hmm, never had problems with my seaclone back when i had one. i would think you should try it out closer to the surface to see if that makes a difference. could be hard to draw the air down too deep.
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