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    Acro crabs without the acro's?

    Will acro crabs survive without an acro? I'm probably going to do a redbug treatment, so I want to save them. Can i put them in another tank until I'm done the treatment, which will be 3 weeks, or will they die?

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    hmm don't know? I've heard they will die shortly after. have fun trying to get them out of your acros.

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    carbonated water, they just jump off. Kind of funny

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    you have nothing to loose by trying to save them- I'd go for it!! Good Luck!!!! Let us know if it works, I'd really like to know if you are successfull.

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    If the coral is removeable from the tank, it is easy to entice them out of the coral with a Shish-kabob skewer. I have done this in the past and it works easy. Once you've treated the tank, and ran the carbon for awhile, I would say to put them back in after a day or two, and easch time you do the treatment remove them again. They need the coral to survive, so while a couple days might be o.k., although a little stressful for them, longer periods might do them in. By the way, try and place them back on the same coral you took them from, different crabs need different types of corals to live in.

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