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Thread: aye carumba!!

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    aye carumba!!

    I am currently getting rid of my 400 watt ballast on eBay and I got this email from a bidder asking if the lighting would help her dying clam.

    It is housed in 55G with 96w PC!!
    Man I hate it when people buy things and dont think about the consequences.

    Sorry had to vent. I'll try to reply to her diplomatically.
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    Well, I hope she gave it lots of shade from such intense lightling.

    Sadly, I'm sure the clam will find it's way to the same place in Heaven that all the "Finding Nemo" fish ended up. :-S
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    I think a lot of people get sucked in with the PC lights. Many retailers tell customers they are as good as VHO and metal halides. I've come to the point that I don't believe anything a retailer says until I can verify it.

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    That's exactly how I feel about retailers. When it comes to hardware I always research first that goes for fish too.
    How ever as for snails I wish I did.LOL
    BTW I wish lfs would quit telling people clams will live under PC and VHO's most clams need at least 250 W MH lighting to survive. Clams are very beautiful additions to our aquariums but also very delicate.

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