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    best reading material

    I was thinking of getting some good reference books soon on reef keeping .... what would you guys consider the top three books out there

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    Although they date back a few years, I always go back to The Reef Aquarium Vol 1 & 2 by Delbeek and Sprung (not sure if volume 3 ever came out)

    Sites like this one and Reef Central have tons of info that are worth any book.

    I also like the 3 volumes of Baensch Marine Atlas for extensive coverage of reef species.

    Also, when thinking of getting something at the LFS, I like to take a peek into Scott Michael's PocketExpert Guide: Marine Fishes and Julian Sprung's Corals: A Quick Reference Guide.

    I just saw that Microcosm has a PocketExpert book on marine inverts written by Ron Shimek, I will certainly get that one


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    That book by Dr. Shimek is new. I just saw the email ad yesterday at either Champion or J&L, can't remember which one it was.

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    I strongly recommend:

    Eric Borneman's Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History


    Anthony Calfo and Bob Fenner's Reef Invertebrates: Vol. 1
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