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Thread: Clown Pairing

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    Cool Clown Pairing

    I must have very good luck with clowns. My pink skunks,false percs and now my MAROON clowns have all paired up instantly.
    the maroons are in my sump waiting for there very own 65g tank which will be plumbed into my system. It will have a little rock but I will grow macro algea in there. Looking for different types. I seeen once/had a red broad leaf noddle looking macro that was just awsome!! It was in another tank years ago That I bought the contants. the stuff didn't survive in my tank. anyone know the name of such algea. GREG???

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    i love maroons.. will be awesome!!

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    I just gave my 9 year old mated Maroons to the LFS. Man I hated to do that,but just didn't have the room for them. Worst thing about it,is I'm sure who ever gets them,I hope they take good care of them. There names were Bonnie and Clyde.... Go figure as we all know Maroons can be very aggressive.

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    your lucky Johnny... I tried pairing maroons.. they have to be one of the toughest... had six in a tank and it was like WWF(WWE?) in there(lasted all but 10 minutes and they all got each their own tank) :/


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    Hey can you put two pairs of clowns in the same tank?? bubbles....

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    what store marcel? i might go get em!

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    you can put multiple pairs of only certain clowns in a big ass tank.

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    Well.., let's see.. For red algaes there is

    Botryocladia: ( stem with big bubbles as each branch a red version og grape algae)

    Rhodophytes: ( actually a whole bunch of red algaes associated with this name).

    Gracilaria: Big fine swaying soft branches

    Red Kelp: ( a type of Rhodophyte)

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