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    Bizzarre snails!!

     Last night as I surfed the net I noticed gysers of water coming off of the surface of my tank. I assumed maybe a power head was spraying out of it's air port or some other equipment problem. Upon watching a little closer, I noticed every astrea snail I had (around 75) was at the waterline. I could clearly see that they were the ones firing gysers of water about 4" high. I guess it's some kind of breeding thing. I was a bit worried about my lights. Has anyone else seen this kind of civil unrest?
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    Re: Bizzarre snails!!

    Mine have done this periodically before.   They're funny snails that way.  At times, my astreas all gather in one clump for a day or two, then spread out again.  I'm not sure why they do this but they always remain healthy afterwards.  Maybe that'll be my next endeavour to research on.

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