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    Cool Buying Anenomes! Read

    If your thinking of buying an anenome I implore you to please do your homework on these!!!! they need a ton of work and perfect conditions.there seems to be a lot of people buying anenomes just to have them doomed to death. Theres even consideration that some anenomes may indeed fight chemically. most anenomes get HUGE!!!! and require space and light. the one posted should not be purchased unless you have a super big tank and a space 4 feet wide dedicated for this creature. please think before buying. cheers.

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    Its a shame but people will never stop buying anemones, just like people will never stop putting tangs in tanks that are too small and mandarins in 20 gallons lol
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    That's really good advice Johnny for anyone acquiring anything that is not mainstream in the critter department of our hobby. For those who stay the course and remain in the hobby they soon learn that knowledge about your charges is the key to success.

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    Anemones grow a lot faster than most people are prepared for too. They aren't corals and have strict requirements. If not met they die, if met they grow very fast.

    I think most newbies feel they need an anemone as a host for clownfish. I've found that clowns are just as happy hosting in a frogspawn, toadstool or other appropriate coral.

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