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    What are optimum conditions to grow coraline?
    sorry if my post is in the wrong section, just wasn't sure where to put it

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    I have started to see some new growth in my tank. After taking some shells that had lots of growth on them. I used a butter knife and scraped most off into the currant of the tank.

    You also have to keep all other forms of algea at bay. or it will take up and bock out the coraline. good luck
    TANK -35 Gallon with 15 gallon sump/fuge
    LIGHTS - T5HO 36" 165 total watts
    FLOW - Mag 7, fluval 304, 201 powerhead
    OTHER - seaclone 100 skimmer, RO/DI water

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    Once the coralline is growing, most types of nuisance algae will not overgorw it. That's one of the good things about coralline algae and also one of the reasons people strive to get it growing. It basically outcompetes nusiance algae for real estate.
    As to what is optimal conditions, you just have to keep all the basic water parameters good for a reef setup. That would be your Alkalinity, Calcium and PH. Also, it tends to not like very intense lighting. This is why in a MH lit tank, the coralline tends to grow in the more shaded subdued areas better and not a lot in the highly lit areas.

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