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    Flow Experts - Need help w/micro bubbles

    Well, I set up my "quasi" closed loop over the weekend. Everything work great except I'm getting alot of micro bubbles in the main tank? How do I eliminate the micro bubbles?

    My set up: MAG 3600 in sump with a ball valve off the pump output. From the valve, a 1" hose runs to a "T" that connects two 1" sea swirls.

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    I'm no expert, but first thing i would check would be to make sure all of your connections are completly sealed.. add another layer of glue on all the connections you already glued.

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    1" plumbing on a 3600 GPH pump? I wonder if you have any cavitation happening.

    If you close the valve and slow (not stop) the flow, do the bubbles stop?

    You could be sucking air, as Liv suggests, through a faulty connection, or even in the sump if a whirpool effect is generated, you can actually be sucking air 4-6" below the surface.
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    Both Liv and Cres are on the right track. Definately check your connections for proper seals.

    As for the tubing, Danner (Maker of Mag pumps) recommends 1.5" tubing for use on their pumps. Especially on one as large as a 3600.

    I'll go on to add that new plumbing tends to let out micro-bubbles for the first week or 2 before it "slimes over". You may wanna give it a week or 2 just to see if this is the case here.
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    definately 1'' is tight for that pump. 1.5'' would be better. could be any one of those things mentioned above.

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    Along with the fact that the plumbing is under-sized for that flow... check for cavitation...

    As well, I'd say that those Sea-Swirls are under-rated for that amount of flow... if I'm not mistaken the flow rating is around 800-1000 gph, carefull you don't blow the O-rings out of them...

    Personally, I'd be inclined to add another Sea-Swirl for a total of 3, at minimum...
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