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    coral and feeding


    This week-end I got frags from orange zoo, green star polyp and pink digita. Right now there is no fish in my tank only coral. I'm wondering if I should put some food(brine shrimp) in the tank.

    Thank you,
    Martin Langlois

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    Many people agree that brine shrimp are as useless as nipples on a man. Its probably good to add some sort of food to the tank as to feed all the life thats in there. It would be good to chose something other than brine shrimp. You could even take bits of what ever raw chopped up sea food and throw it in there. Probably better to feed small amounts. Just my 2 cents worth,maybe someone else will chime in to help some more.

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    I agree with Reefsurfer about the mysis..., but not about throwing pieces of seafood in there. You presently have nothing to eat it right away and it will just decay and foul the water. Trust me when I say the 3 corals you have in there right now, will grow very fast all on their own if your tank has good water parameters and don't need to be fed anything. When you get more corals, ask about the new ones then and perhaps "they" will benefit from supplemental feeding. The 3 you got are all easy beginner corals, but you should also know that the Monti Digitata is very sensitive to PH and low or fluctuating Alk. It will RTN if these parameters go out of whack so make sure to monitor it and act accordingly.

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    The digitata will eat golden pearls, but not anything bigger. The zoos don't eat much of anything, and the star polyps pretty much take up dissolved organics. No hurry to start feeding

    Like Toutouche said, it is time to start looking after alk and Ca carefully. The digitata will suck it up.

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