I posted a question about this earlier maybe the pic will help you visualize. Not the best pic, I know.

So here you see my work in progress. Inside the rim of the tank is 3/4 inch pvc pipe. It is connected to the sump return (Mag 1200) and closed loop (mag 2400). Off of the PVC manifold are 6 outlets. One back left, front left, middle left, middle right, front right and back right. I am getting a ton of flow in this tank!!!

Currently all the outlets have 3/4 inch pvc pipe connected where more precise bendable nozzles will go. The 3/4 inch is attached temporarily to cut down on noise. I'm waiting for my baserock before I add more water, I expect 100 pounds of rock to displace a bit.

Those are the pertinent details, my question is do you think I'm shooting myself in the foot connecting two pumps to this manifold?

best i can do for top down, sorry

BTW Salty the u pipe in the back makes for one silent drain