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Thread: Base Rock

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    Base Rock

    Ordered 100 pounds of "Reef Rock" base rock off of J&L aquatics, taking delivery today.

    Odds are I won't need that much for my 120, we'll see when I get home and start aquascaping.

    I'll take some photos and update this thread with pics and any left overs I may have if anyone is interested in picking some up, drop a tag in this post.


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    micky let me know.. i have a friend in need of baserock!!!


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    I might take some off your hands... let me know

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    I could use a few pounds let me know if and when .........

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    I'll take some off your hands if you have extra.


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    Sorry guys, got home late - dinner /w clients turned into drinks with clients :-P

    Just opened one box before I hit the hay and this rock looks fantastic. I'll give an update after work tomorrow with pics and how much extra I have left over. It does look pretty dense though, so I apologize in advance if I don't have more then a few pieces left to spare!
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