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    Unhappy Monty eating nudibranch

    Anyone have any experience with these? I've read the threads on RC, just looking to see if anyone else has any tips

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    I had a thread on here about 6 months ago lost all my caps to those buggers.
    They are virtually impossible to kill . You can try a lougos dip or a fresh water dip you really have nothing to loose because they will kill a monti cap very quickly . You can also try the good old yellow wrasse, but if you already have them he won't be able to help you much. By the time you find them they will have already eaten the under side of your cap. At one time about a week after I thought I saved one cap but then they were back . If you can frag a small piece and put it in a QT with good lighting. A friend took a small frag of one of mine an it is doing well , when it gets bigger he will give me back a frag. But I do stress it must be in a QT not your prop. tank.
    My tank remained free of monti caps for 5.5 months to break the life cycle of them. They say they can remain dormant in your tank up to six months.
    The only thing I can say is good luck ! If you do in deed rid your tank before they destroy your caps let us know how you did it.

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