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    Can “SUMP” one help me out?

    I recently upgraded my return pump (added a MAG 24) and added an additional return to the main tank (2 returns). The over flow box is able to handle the water. I’m using a 2” durso standpipe to feed the sump (located approx. 5ft below main tank). Due to cabinet restrictions my sump is a bit cramped with skimmer and return (refer to attached pdf). The problem I’m having is that the flow from the durso is strong and it’s creating an enormous amount of micro bubble in the sump. These bubbles are not being dissipated and getting sucked back up into the main tank. Given that I have restrictions in the sump compartments, does anyone have any ideas on how the flow to the sump can be “quieted” down to reduce the micro bubbles?

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    you need to add a baddle between the fuge and skimmer section and another between the fuge and return. this will force the water to go down and back to the surface for the air to come out. you can also place your return on an angle to make less bubbles into the sump. another posibility is that your flow may be too high in the sump and doesnt leave the water enough time to release the bubbles. try decreasing the flow to see if that helps.
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