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    False perc. Question

    Can anyone tell me how well perc. clownfish get along? A friend of mine is getting rid of his marine setup and has offered it to me. I have a pair of tank raised false percs. Would one more be a problem? the fish is ~ 2 years old (I have a 60 gal. tank) His is likley a false perc. as well. You always see them in groups at the LFS stores but that doesn't mean the can live in small groups . Thanks Jeeves

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    Adding a third clown to an established pair would be big trouble. The new fish would be picked on and likely killed(or at the very least die of stress).

    When you see large groups at the LFS, they're usually very young when they don't mind company. They're also there for a short time, so there isn't much of a chance for a heirarchy to form.

    There are only a few species of clowns that can be kept in trios successfully...clown skunks are one I believe.

    "Knowing is half the battle!" ~ G.I. JOE

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    does the same go for two pairs of different clowns? say false and true percs? probably not I think, just wondering.

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    That's what I suspected, I wanted to be sure. Might be a good reason(read excuse!!!) to start a second tank Ha Ha !
    Thanks Jeeves.

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