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    Question Sumpless & Refugiumless

    Any members with a successful sumpless and refugiumless tank running? If you ahve one, how is it set up?

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    had one for 8 months.hated it. algea all the time,skimmer bubbles in the tank. It can be done but its a lot more work IMO. lots of water changes etc.

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    ran refug less for almost a year.....huge diffrence once i added one. i use a HOB design on my 35g

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    I run with no refug or sump. Johnny is right it is alot of work but if you like the hobby and you don't have the money right up front to spring for the refuge and sump. You do what you can do!!!:happy3: :happy3:
    Mike Philpott

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    My current tank is a 23gal long. It has been set up for 2 1/2years with no sump/no refugium. I have not had any trouble with algea. I had a Red-Slime Algea fiasco about 1 year ago but I treated it and haven't seen it since. I run a Skliter and a Bio-Wheel for filtration. I also have a Power Head for extra water movement. I do monthly water changes. I don't have many corals but I do have a few fish. They are quite fat and healthy. I even have a Manderine wich they say needs a much larger tank. My only issue is that I don't have any Purple Coraline algea growing. I'm in the process of changing over to a 50gal now. I won't be running a sump or refugium at first. I may add a refugium later, haven't decided yet!

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    I ran sumpless and fugeless for 3 years. I did fortnightly w/changes, tested the water regularly, had a "putzy" skimmer, (and bio-wheel for first 2 years), low coral stock (untill last 6 months) and too many fish.
    There was only 1 red algae outbreak, and thick plating coraline everywhere.
    What I found an issue was skimmer bubbles.
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    My 20g at work has no sump/fuge/skimmer. I do 10% water changes every month. Water parameters are ok and have no bad algae. Temp stays between 76-78F.
    The tank at has all of them.
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    I ran my 50g sumpless and refugium-less for 5 years. It's been doing fine most of the time.

    I did have a few algae issues but unfortunately, they were probably due to some level of neglect of the tank because I travel quite a bit.

    I also use only DI at the moment and it seems to be hit and miss. I recently started adding AmQuel+ to my DI water and it seems better, I also get RO/UV water from the supermarket when I have a chance.

    I just added a refugium two weeks ago, which consists of a modified AquaClear 500 filter.

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    Thanks everyone..............Atlantic.....which HOB refugium do you have on your tank? Can a HOB refugium overflow if the power goes out?

    Last question to everyone........reading through many different threads in the forums a got a sense that many of you up in Canada are partial to CC for substrate. How do you all feel about CC as substrate?

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    My 120g reef tank has a basement sump with all the gadgets and a gravity fed refugium. My 300g butterfly tank has no sump or refugium, a 6' skimmer and a UV Sterilizer. I did have to jump through some hoops to get the skimmer bubbles under control but once that was done it was done.

    Both have their benefits. I think if you're running a reef with lots of equipment then a sump is the best place for it. Gives you extra water volume as well. On a big tank that is mostly for fish and doesn't need a lot of equipment I really don't see any reason for a sump.

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