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    Current in your tank.

    Hello I was wondering what the best current in a tank would be. IE from the top of the back glass circling to the front pane down and back to the live rock or from the two rear cormers to the middle of the front glass. Another possibility would be a couple of jets pumping straight from the back glass half way up it and kind of hitting the front glass and spliting half going up and the other half going down???? I haven't a clue. Any info would be great. Pictures would be alot better of your own set-ups. I like visuals!!!
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    Well, some people might not agree with me on this but I always say it depends on what you want to keep and how you set up the aquascaping. Different configurations will vary the flow immensely. Also, do you know what types of corals you'll be keeping and where you basically want to position them?
    Keep in mind that when corals are smaller and young, you will have decent current, but once they grow bigger they will start to block a lot of that current and it might not end up being enough. In a properly setup tank, you want to at least "try" to foresee this and plan accordingly.

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    Add to that the fact that most coral benefit from some fluctuation in current. It aids in their eating / waste disposal cycle.
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    Have a look in my gallery for a manifold setup. I wouldn't copy mine exactly (my first time doing it) but in theory its a great way to provide ADJUSTABLE flow into your tank. As your corals fill in, you can change the flow patterns by twisting the tee's that supply the flow.

    You can also see Calfo's forum on RC for specifics
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