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    looking for nori

    anyone know where i can buy nori in the montreal area. thanks

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    any chinese store in china town will have it.

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    It's the stuff used for rolling sushi. My IGA has some. Most groceries have it. Who is it for?

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    The Lablows grocerie store in kingston has it.
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    most of what i have seen here is roasted. i assume this in not good to use?

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    Any chinese grocery will carry Nori. Fish will eat roasted Nori. Heck, they'll eat romaine lettuce if you get them used to it. The best is non-roasted, no-seasoned Nori however.

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    Go down to De La Gauchetiere in Chinatown and you will find it there.

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    I went to china town today to get some nori and i saw like snails for 1 dollar/pounds... maybe it sound stupid but are those snails good for anything in our tank? :P

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    Those are saltwater snails, however they're also coldwater snails, so they'll just die in your tank and leave you a huge ammonia spike!

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