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    Gabriel in the big tank

    A while ago I posted some pics of the beautiful baby emperor angel I bought from Ivan here at Aquaria Canada:

    His quarantine period was over on Tuesday night. 2 weeks without a single sign of anything wrong. Wednesday afternoon I moved him from the 20g quarantine tank to the big 300g which is to be his permanent home. I almost didn't want to do it, I had been really enjoying the one on one time with him in the little tank. I really felt that we kind of bonded somewhat. Anyway, I had to do it, I needed the quarantine tank for other fish.

    When I first moved him he went straight to the cleaner shrimp cave for a thorough cleaning. Then he started exploring. When he got to the left end by the lobster cave he disappeared! I went around to the end "window" and saw him flattened against the inside back wall of a cave just above the lobster, obviously terrified. I'd say he took one look and panicked, poor little fella. I fed the tank and that was the end of that. He was out eating with his usual gusto, this little guy is going to be really fat if this appetite keeps up!

    After that for the next couple days he decided he was a butterflyfish and swam around with Chloe, the big copperband, and Julien, the smaller longnose. It was really cute. Perhaps he wanted to be near the larger fish for protection but he has since decided that he doesn't need them anymore.

    He's adapted so beautifully to the big tank, I just had to share with everyone. He has SO much personality I just love him to bits. Thanks again Ivan for sucyh a great healthy fish!

    I'm going to go pick up a couple new butterflyfish for the quarantine tank later this afternoon - an Auriga and a Racoon.

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    I am glad he is doing well Susan.

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    Gabriel in the big tank
    Got me thinking for a moment , thought someones kid jumped in the tank.
    That was until I remembered you name all your fish.
    We started that but then the names just started getting real goofy.

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    Don't suppose we can see a pic of hm in his new home could we Susan? I love emperor angels.
    Mike Philpott

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    Will try for a pic but he's a LOT more active in the big tank than he was in the little 20g quarantine tank. He's so cute, seems like he always has some kind of urgent business that he must attend to. I've never seen a fish pick at the rocks so much as this little guy either.

    I picked up the two new butterflyfish last night. They are both small and doing well. The Auriga is amazing but gave me quite a scare. I brought home the bags and when opening hers to get her ready for acclimation she jumped out! Fortunately I was at my feeding cart (one of those wooden kitchen carts on wheels, I use if for fish food stuff) and she happened to land in a feeding bowl. I dropped the bag she was in, water went everywhere, and I carried her to the quarantine tank in the dry bowl and just dumped her in. She was eating 10 minutes later. Tough little butterfly.

    The Raccoon is a little bigger at about 3" and had a normal acclimation. He has some minor scale damage in one small spot on one side which he scratches on the rocks quite a bit. He's also kind of thin. I've yet to see him eat anything but it's too soon to worry yet.

    They are getting along fine unless the Auriga goes into the ugly ceramic skull. The Raccoon has claimed it and she's not allowed in under any circumstances. He chases her out every time but there's no aggression. She has plenty of other hiding places but of course only wants the skull

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