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    Help with project Please

    I am doing a little research to find out what the hobbiest feels about certain creatures being available to them.

    Part one
    What livestock do you feel should be left in the ocean and NOT placed in an aquarium?
    No wisecracks please

    Part two
    What livestock should be only ordered when requested?

    Thank you in advance for all of your input.

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    Part one - any animal whose needs we cannot meet. For example, fish who only eat the polyps of corals, corals that are non-photosynthetic.

    Part two - critters that require an experienced aquarist, i.e. delicate butterflyfish, or those that grow too large for the average tank, like panther groupers.

    Unfortunately many local fish stores care more about making money than they do about the homes their livestock goes to. Something I would really like to see is information sheets next to every tank for each type of fish or coral. It could include information about the requirements of the critter to help people decide whether or not they can properly provide for it before they buy it.

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    I agree, alot of fish stores sell animals which should not be made available to the general public. Problem is that when it comes to fish and inverts, the stores receive an availability list before they order, which usually means that the specimen has already been taken from the ocean.

    The countries where these specimens come from dont have much for rules to follow so when something swims past their net or catches their eye they grab it...pretty much what alot of people in the hobby do when they are at the LFS. Yes there are collection restrictions, but the restrictions arent strict enough.

    The problem is at the source, not so much the consumer, most people take better care of their animals than the LFS do. So the animal either dies at the hands of the LFS or it dies at the hands of the consumer who with best intensions is unable to provide the advanced living condition requirements of some specimens.

    Also sometimes when a particular item is listed it doesnt always show up how its supposed to. Eg. My LFS ordered some Maroon Clownfish, when they showed up they were full grown. #1 most people dont want full grown fish to start out with, #2 taking a full grown adult fish from the ocean is just wrong. Take away the adults and you take away the juveniles...means no more hobby.

    I realize that the LFS could just not order the difficult specimens, but like I said before if their on the list they've already been collected. They either die in captivity or they die in the collection buckets sitting on the beach waiting for the LFS to place their orders.


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    Originally posted by STEVE0
    or they die in the collection buckets sitting on the beach waiting for the LFS to place their orders.
    Well.., I wouldn't go "that" far.
    I'm sure they are in holding tanks "before" a store orders them...

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    Originally posted by Toutouche
    Well.., I wouldn't go "that" far.
    I'm sure they are in holding tanks "before" a store orders them...
    Ya maybe a "little" exagerated, but have you seen the pics of the people in some areas like Thailand/Indonesia? Not exactly first class organizations snatching things out of the ocean for our enjoyment. Although I'm sure there are professional collectors out there doing the right thing, otherwise I'm sure there would be more dead arrivals.

    If the ocean weren't sucha dirty place because of the human race I might feel bad about putting these specimens into a virtually sterile environment for me to enjoy at my leisure. I mean we're killing them anyways...why not enjoy them before their all gone. Sorry to sound like an activist but its the truth.

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