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    cleaner crew for 65 Gallon Tank

    I have a 65 gallon reef tank. i was just wondering how much Blue legged hermits, red legged hermits, Turbo snails, or nassarius snails i should put in. thanks in advance!
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    i think there is no rush in buying hermits and snails. Just go as you like, see if its doing okay for you or you need more, if you do, go get some more so you know that you won't have too much. Its all depends on your lights and condition of the water

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    I agree. take your time. I only add 5 or so at a time. A good mix is best. They say 1 snail or hermit per gallon is a starting point. But like i2ik says " it depends on your lights and condition of the water".
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    In my opinion hermits are a waste of money. They hardly eat any algea, and they try and kill your snails for their shells. Don't buy hermits and use the extra money for more snails, they are way more effective. I have a 230 gallon tank and I don't have any hermits in the tank at all. JMO


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    ok, thanks guys!
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    I say that you should get a bit of everything. What the snails won't eat the hermit will, such as detritus and other waste.

    I have bleu legged hermits, Astrae snails, a sally Lightfoot crab, and an emerald crab. For the sand bed I have a sand sifting star, as well a couple of Horseshoe crab.

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    Hermits are fine, but just don't buy large ones. Small to medium will work fine, you'll just need a couple more of them. A conch is a good idea too, but wait till you have lots of food for it, cause it can die without enough algae. You can buy supplemental disks for them as well.
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    If you buy Hermits buy extra shells for them. Most of my nassaurius snails have fell prey for their shells. Very expensive shells.
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