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Thread: Mixing Salt

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    Mixing Salt

    I just read a old thread regurding mixing salt. Most people agreed that IO salt was slow to dissolve. how do you guys mix your salt? Do most let the mix sitt for a day?

    I mix IO salt in a 5gallon pail. I add the water first. then add a small power head. i also add a small heater to the pail. This i find works great at dissolving the salt. I only have to wait 1 -2 hours max. Does anyone else find using a heater works better?

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    you have to wait more than that. You might think that everything is dissolve but you need to wait longer until the water get stable. There is a thread about this right now. You should go take a look

    -Water (ro/di)
    -salt (check for salinity, have to be the same as the main tank)
    -heater (same temperature as the main tank)
    -powerhead (good circulation, 2 pumps if necessary)
    -patience (wait 24 hours at least)

    PS: make sure the container is only use for new water so one for the new, one for the old.

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    Many people mix the water, but they don't aerate it. I find aerating to be the secret ingredient. I have to make big amounts of water for a water change, so I use a big garage pail and a Mag 9.5 ( for the mixing) with a Kent 3/4" venturi attachment to aerate. In a tank, you need a good oxygen level and this will help keep the water parametes stable. The use of a skimmer on a tank also aids in this. Remember PH, Alk and the ability ti hold the Calcium levels are all interrelated. Oxygernating the water helps with the ORP for this.

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    LMAO!!! secret ingredient!! YEAH B@BY!!
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