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    Blue-sided fairy wrasse?

    Does anybody have input on the blue-sided fairy wrasse? Hardiness? Color? I believe it is also called a ruby head wrasse. Its tank mates would be a clown, a six line and a yellow tang.


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    very nice wrasse, keeps its colors,gets along well with your fish list.

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    Not from experience, but Scott Michael's book:
    Hardiness: 4 out of 5
    Colour: blue, maroon, red
    Max length: 5.1inches
    Min tank size: 55g
    Food/feeding: meaty foods, high quality frozen prep. 3 times per day
    Captive care: does best with less aggressive tank mates and numerous places to hide. Often kept in small groups of one male and up to four females, but can be kept alone. More than one male can be kept in a large (180g) tank if introduced similtaneously. May be aggressive towards other fairy wrasses and zooplankton feeders.

    I'm sure others will chime in with personal experience soon.

    edit: Dang, Johnny beat me to the post!! Again!!

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