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    Montreal reef stores??

    I'm goin to montreal next weekend and was just woundering if anyone knew of any good stores or dealers that specialize in reef aquariums.

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    On the main page of this site, under "Features" is a local fish store search. It contains addresses, contact info and reviews. very helpful. I'm sure people will be able to give you a more informed answer soon, but this is a start

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    4 stores come to mind,
    Aqua-Tropical on Ferrier and Decarie
    Centre de la Nature in the West Island off St.Jeans and the 40
    Le Corail in the south shore of Tashereau
    and World fish also in the south shore, can't remember the street though,(next to that big mall)

    I kind of prefer the last two they only deal with salt water.
    Hope this helps.

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    or you could just call Matt.
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    You can also try Octopus... its on Jean-talon... i am not sure, maybe someone can confirm...

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    octopus is on papineau just before mont royal. very good live goods although just a little expensive. i get most of my fish from him, he sells healthy fish.

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    Thanx everyone for the help i'm sure i'll find them no problem now that i have sum names. maybe find something nice to add to my tank!!! Pierre

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