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    New tank and lighting


    I'm getting myself a new tank and looking now into lighting. So right now there is no canopy on it. So what is the easiest way to install light. Built a canopy or use pendant light. And that doesn'T cost a lot of money.

    If I go with a pendant Metal Halide, how can I install some actinic VHO...

    Thank you,
    Martin Langlois

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    I built my own wood canopy and installed metal halide, VHO's, deflectors, and fans. I also gave the canopy and stand a nice Bombay cherry wood stain to blend in with the rest of the furniture.

    I also made my own protein skimmer.

    I saved lots of money doing everything myself.

    Just do a search to find plans for these items.


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    If you builld your own hood you will have a lot more versatility, to change things in the future. If you just hang pendants, you will be blinded from the glare everytime you look at your tank. I just went to totem grabed some 10" skirting and used 1" pieces to build a structure to put my horizontal pendants on, and stained her up. Cost $25

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    BUILD your own. Not only can you do a custom job on it that suits your needs perfectly but you will save a LOT of money on the project. Money you can use to buy other things with.

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