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    overflow for sump using skimmer pump

    Does anyone else other then me and my lack of knowledge think that it would be possible to draw water out of my tank using my protein skimmer pump and make the tube longer to reach a sump then another pump bringing it back up? ANy problems that could occur???

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    I think it would depend on how far the pipe goes and the size of pumpes involved. Doing it the way your thinking... what if the return pump fails... the pump for the skimmer would keep on pumping till the water level dropped below its pickup and overflow your sump unless you had a sump bigger then the total volume of your tank. Not suggested if you dont want ALOT of water damage and life lost.

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    It is also a question of balance.

    You could do what you are suggesting, but, you would need a way to automatically regulate the flows from one or both pumps.

    If the skimmer pumps faster, the level in your display tank will get lower and lower until that pump is sucking air. This is a problem with the water level, and a problem for the pump (few of them like to run dry).

    If the return pump is faster, you could pump most of the water out of the sump into the display tank, which might not have room for it all and cause a flood.

    To follow this technique, you would be best to have a more powerful return pump which has it's flow somehow regulated to match the skimmer flow. This could be done with a float switch in the display tank controlling a solenoid or something on the return pump.

    That being said, I wouldn't approach this method myself. I suspect it will lead to floods, burned out pumps and other problems.
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