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Thread: Metal Halide

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    Metal Halide


    I just bought a 75 gallons tank... And now I'm looking to buy some metal halide. SO right now I'm wondering if 175 watts would be OK or should I go with 250 watts.

    And later I will install some VHO actnicts.

    Thank you,
    Martin Langlois

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    Final choice will depend on the dimensions of the tank and what you think you might be keeping in that tank down the road. IMO If it is 4 feet long and about 18 to 20 inches deep 2 X 175 watt will do a decent job. However .. if you want HIGH intensity and a good bang for your buck go with 2 X 250. The difference in set up cost will not be much.

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    Also factor in at this point in time that the cost for the lighting is almost the same for a 175w setup vs. a 250 setup. The cost difference for a PFO dual tar ballast at J&L for example is 35 dollars.

    If you plan to run 20,000 k bulbs, the 175w bulbs will appear quite dim visually too so be sure to check out someone's tank first to see what you like. We all have our specific preference when it comes to tank colour.

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    It really depends on what you want to keep, if your going to do sps then 175 IMHO is not enough thats what i have and i'm upgrading to 250's
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    Was the tank a B-Day upgrade. Lucky you. I would go with 2x250w. The best prices I found were at B&B hydroponics, 60$ for a core and coil triple tap ballast. Ivan sells the 250w 14000K bulbs for 60$. So a complete kit should run you about 120$.

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    Aren't the ballasts sold at hydroponics shops the industrial type? If so you may have a problem running an aquarium specific bulb in them. I wanted to do that a long time ago and was told I couldn't.

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    Ballasts are ballasts.. some can't run the very high Kelvin lamps tho.. but the regular TAR (coil) ballasts run both industrial and aquatic lamps! hope that helps..

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