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Thread: Center brace

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    Center brace

    Just woundering how important the center brace is on an aquarium. I was thinking of removing it so i could add a other MH in the middle, would this be a bad idea??? I have a 90g

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    Depends on your tank. Most aquariums rely on that center brace to stop the bowing.

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    That center brace adds strength to the tank. If you cut it off, best to add the eruo-style bracing. 90g is a lot of water....
    If you do remove it and don't want to use euro-style bracing, replace it with clear plastic/glass.
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    Simple awnser : YES; bad idea.

    If your tank was built with one, do not remove it.
    or do like pwall said: replace it with someone equivalent.

    to do this, you will have to remove the water, remove the brace, ( remove the water, so your tank takes its original shape ) then euro brace, and add everything back in.

    I would'nt risk it unless you have another equaly big tank and money wise can take the hit.

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    i wouldnt
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    Very bad idea.

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    If u do cut the brace off and add a plastic one as pwall said. You can use a cinch strap around the tank first before removing the brace this will allow you to cut it with out lowering the water.
    Removing the brace can be done but its a risk that may weaken the tank over long term good luck

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    I have a 7 foot Perfecto tank that came with a plastic centre brace. I cut it away and added two glass braces at equal distances from the centre. The braces are glued into the tank flush with the top lip of the front and back panes of glass. I then glued another small piece of glass that sits on top of the side panes AND the newly glued in cross braces. 19 months later and no problems (touch wood!!).
    If you remove the brace you HAVE to replace it with something equally as supportive.

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    Originally posted by reefmutt
    19 months later and no problems (touch wood!!).
    I think your new canopy door is sooo heavy, it in itself will act as a brace and not allow the top to bow out!!

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