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    Product Review (Test Kits)

    Just want to bring to everyone's attention that i have used the iodine test kit by "multi-test" because they were out of stock of the salifert one when i bought the whole set (yes, very expensive).
    I have found the multi-test to be such a pain to use and very inacurate. the color chart is very difficult to see what the reading is and the instructions are not even so clear. rather than having measurements in mL, the measurements are calculated as "one stem" of a dropper which can pick up variable amounts of solution each time.
    just figured i give a heads up to anyone looking for this test kit.
    (p.s. i also have the LaMotte calcium test kit (b/c salifert was out of stock) and i dont like that one much as well - i have yet to see a test kit i like better than Salifert)

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    if anybody knows of a good test kit for iodide testing, please let me know.
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