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    Angry Algae on sand bed

    I have a problem with algea growing on my sand bed and having very little anywhere else. I have 2" of reef floor grade arragonite. I have a sand sifting start and two horseshoe crabs. I also use RO/DI

    Phosphates 0
    Notrates 0
    pH 8.3
    Alk 10
    Cal 400
    Gravity 1.025

    Any suggestions?

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    Conch is good for the sand bed. Also considering nassarius snails and cerith snails that can do a pretty decent job on moving the sand up and down.

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    MAybe you need more flow??

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    Thats exactly what I was about to say. Maybe you wont need more flow if you try redirecting your existing flow to favor moving the water in the bottom of your tank. Try focussing on the worst spots first. It worked wonders for me.

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    I suspected that I needed more flow, so I ordered two Seio 1500's to help out.


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