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    180 gallon additive question (your recipe)

    hi guys\gals. I'm looking for some advice from you folks with a 180 gallon (or there abouts) with regards to additives. I guess on a tank of this size most would be using a calcium reacter to maintain alk\cal but due to the expense of one of these units and the needed goodies that go along with a reacter I'm not able to go that way at this time. My tank has been up for about 1.5 yrs and all in all things have been ok. I've been using bio-calcium product and have had fair results with it. I'm not using any other supplements but wonder if maybe i could or should to make things flourish. My tank contents are made up of mostly softies with the exception of a few hard corals. Everything is holding its own but nothing to write home to mom about(a reefer too) I'm using 3 175w 5500's with vho actinic. My bulbs are at the end of there life and need to be changed asap but will need to stay with 175's at least for now.
    1.Whats you recipe \ additive routine for a tank this size? 2.Any suggestions on a different product then bio-cal thats not super expensive to be using for this tank volume until i go with a reacter? 3. Do they make a 175w halide at 6500k as the 10k's are $$ BTW all my levels are like the tanks grouth..average
    Thanks, Jeff

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    Have you thought about using a KW reactor, they're usually quite good when it comes to a tank with mostly softies.

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    you can try using B-Ionic by ESV as it also contains some other trace elements. do you do water changes? if so, how often? i am assuming that you have a skimmer which along with your corals are likely consuming the strontium, iodide, magnesium, etc. in your water. you may try any of the "complete" additives, such as SeaChems, or you can add individual chemicals buy buying them separately (this is really only reccommended if you have the test kits to make sure you are dosing the correct amounts). If things are going well, i would leave it the way it is, but then again, if leaving things the way there are is boring to you, and, like me, you are always looking for ways to improve, i would first get test kits, test your water and compare it to what it should be. based on your results, you will able to decide what you would like to add more of.
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    KW is always good.

    I myself have a 180 with predominantly SPS, and no reactor (for the moment).

    I use KW, along with SeaChem additives for both calcium and Alk.

    You can try this if you want.

    I would certainly make a measurement of my cal and alk first.


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    thanks for your suggestions guys. May try the b-ionic products and see if i see any changes.

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