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    ..CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...CLICK,CLICK......CLICK --- Mantis ??

    Hi again,
    I hear these noises coming out of my tank ..CLICK, CLICK, CLICK...CLICK,CLICK......CLICK ....... is this mantis ???
    I turned all power heads off and it did not stop. I seem to notice some debris being scavenged from a cavity of a rock (might be a cleaning crab too) .
    Noises are heard during the day with lights on. (i assume during the night too). I do not notice any holes or tunnels into the substrate.
    Is this 100% mantis.????
    I think I saw the guy. He is building a labrynth into a LR. I had a glimpse of him when he moved from one cavity to another. 1/2" or smaller, dark brown, oval, no stripes or other colors, more like a bug or crab , moving at the speed of light....I can see debris coming out of the cavities in the LR. (However I ma not cerain if he is the cause of the noises.. )

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    It sure sounds like one. Pistol shrimps will make the same noise, but they tend to make their labrynth in the substrate using all sorts of debris. They don't move as fluidly or as fast as a mantis.
    Look for its hiding spot and then try to remove the rock it lives in when it is at home- It won't run from the rock when you move it as it considers it's hole the safest place to be.

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